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Boom Brigade 2

Couverture de Boom Brigade 2 Support : Windows
Etat du jeu : Disponible
Éditeur : 10tons
Genres : Action, Tower Defense
Date de sortie : 11/03/2013
Windows Store 2.49 €
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Take command and send your Troopers against a rampaging alien horde! Issue orders in real time or use the Tactical Mode for detailed manouvers. Fight your way through the campaign, unlock powerful upgrades and challenging extra game modes. Load up and save the Earth now!


"Anyone that wants to engage in a little alien annihilation need to check this game out."
- Touch Arcade 4/5

"A great balance between action and strategy"
- Apple'n'Apps 4/5

"There are 30 missions, with five upgradable trooper types, making for a long-lasting challenge."
- The Guardian

"Erfrischende Spielidee mit Tower-Defense- und Echtzeitstrategieelementen."
- 4/5


Boom Brigade 2 is an action packed experience combining line drawing, top down shooter and real time strategy. The game features a hand crafted campaign with 30 missions and several quick play modes with Game Center leaderboards.

Active defense warfare has never been this effective: Draw paths to your Troopers, and they'll blast aliens within weapon range automatically.

Pause the action with Tactical Mode when things get hectic. Find the best combination of upgrades and tactics to earn five stars in each mission. Trigger devastating powerups for extra mayhem!

Boom Brigade 2 includes all the Troopers form Boom Brigade plus a new class, the Sniper. The Sniper excels at obliterating priority targets from a great distance.

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- Explosive action against a rampaging alien horde
- Five unlockable upgrades for each character
- A hand crafted campaign including 30 missions
- Varying types of alien enemies that require different tactics
- Survival levels with leaderboards
- Other interesting quick game modes like "Medical Emergency" with leaderboards
- Over a dozen achievements

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Boom Brigade 2 : jeu pour Windows

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