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Royal Revolt!

Couverture de Royal Revolt! Support : Windows
Etat du jeu : Disponible
Éditeur : flaregames
Genres : Stratégie, Tower Defense, Gratuit
Date de sortie : 17/06/2013
Windows Store gratuit
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★★★ "Best Mobile Game of 2012" ★★★
German Game Developers Award

★★★ Top 3 iPad game in US & CAN ★★★ “Selected a “Great game on iPhone 5” in 17 countries

“Royal Revolt is a gem in the App Store giving you a full game experience for free.” (

Royal Revolt is a brand new reverse T-defense game with beautiful 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls! Lead your soldiers to victory against your greedy relatives who have stolen your father’s throne.

★★★ How to play ★★★
Use the simple touch controls to direct your troops
Employ battle magic to heal, stun or destroy
Upgrade your hero, knights and spells
Conquer all 30 castles to become King

★★★ The story so far ★★★
You are a young Prince, sent by your father to learn magic at Bogsmarts, a boarding school for the spoilt and untalented aristocrat youth.
When you return after two years with a B.A. in Petty Magic, all has changed in your father’s land:
Your father has died and your ugly aunts and uncles have carved up the Kingdom among them. You throw a tantrum, but to no avail: your relatives suggest you go back to school and leave politics to the grown-ups.
But you are a man now! You sell your jeweled teddy bear, collect a few trusty soldiers and set out to KICK THE GREEDY BUSTARDS out of their castles.
Which are rightfully YOUR castles, damn it!

★★★ Press quotes ★★★
“Part melee action, part on-the-fly tactics, Royal Revolt!’s gameplay is the perfect example of walking the razor’s edge between new tricks and old staples.” (
“Royal Revolt is a gem in the App Store giving you a full game experience for free.” (
“Royal Revolt! is a must get, you really can’t go wrong with trying out this game.” (

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Royal Revolt! : jeu pour Windows

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