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The Everlasting Regret

Disponible sur: iOS + Android


[Game Introduction]
Adapted from the "Song of Everlasting Regret", a classic narrative poem in the history of Chinese literature, the Everlasting Regret is a game produced by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., one of the most famous game companies in China, and mainly created by five young graduates, who hope to present the unique charm of the Chinese classical poetry through their original oriental style puzzle-solving gameplay of "altering paintings", "painting paintings" and "searching for paintings" and the most popular fresh ink style in modern China.

[Game Features]
- Original puzzle-solving gameplay
"Altering paintings", "painting paintings" and "searching for paintings", brand new puzzle-solving gameplay

- Fresh Chinese ink painting
The gentle and elegant art of the Tang Dynasty, giving you a real immersive experience

- Being rewritten based on a historical classic poem
Game content adapted from the "Song of Everlasting Regret", a classic long poem by Bai Juyi, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty in China

- Golden stone recording system
Combination of poetry/painting and cultural relics in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, which popularizes the science knowledge and presents the cultural features of the most prosperous period in ancient China